Ferra’s Dream

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Ferra’s Dream

Chapter 31

She figured the lump was an argent, there weren't that many creatures that were almost completely covered in feathers like that. Maybe it was Ally?

She attempted to get up, but winced and fell back down. Her shoulder had pine needles, a few leaves, and snow pressed against it. Right. She had been shot, and apparently none of these idiots knew how to attend to a wound. Although she didn't know much herself, what kind of idiot would put pine needles on a wound?

The others began to stir, although the argent stayed unmoving. Renegade was the first to seem to really come to it. He shook his head and groggily looked around. Lynx got up with a grunt shortly after.

Ferra rolled over, “When’s breakfast?”

The sun was just now rising. It illuminated Renegades bright red skin, giving him an orange outline. Lynx glared at her, she could see the tiredness in her eyes, yet anger radiated from everywhere else.

“What's your problem?” Ferra asked, despite being as tired as she was, as everyone was most likely, she was bored and felt like causing problems.

She looked Lynx up and down, she had definitely pushed some buttons. Doesn't matter, they were about to break anyway. Lynx growled at her.

“My “problem” is that you just stopped mid battle! You stopped and froze up, everyone’s escape was relying on you, and you just stopped. You also changed into your small form for what? To take out a single human? We barely made it out! Your lucky Renegade was nice enough to drag you out of there! We should have left you for dead.”

Lynx’s tail whipped back and forth. Ferra narrowed her eyes. Lynx always thought she knew everything, didn't she? Renegade stepped in front of Lynx, in between her and Ferra. By now, Rorin was awake. He was either irritated that he was woken up faster by Lynx’s yelling, or bored. Ferra couldn't tell. Ally had her head up and was looking around with the most tired and idiotic expression Ferra had ever seen.

“Oh yes because you're the big strong leader who gets to be the boss of everyone and that makes it where you just have to know everything about me correct? And what do you mean “we”? Renegade was the one who decided not to leave me, sorry he's not a narcissistic jerk like you are”

Lynx growled again and took a step forward, Renegade shoved her back. “That's enough for you two. We don't need anymore injuries”

“I'm not the one who's going to get injured” She hissed, lifting her head up to better see Ferra over Renegade.

Ferra scoffed. She was done with this. “I'm going to go find some more element”

She got up and walked off, she could hear Renegade trying to de-escalate things in the distance. Her shoulder throbbed, she missed her den, she missed Fenic. The weak attempt at treating her wound began to fall apart as pine needles and snow fell from her shoulder while she walked.

Racheal wakes up gasping for air. She's in her bed. She observes and checks herself over as she sits up. She doesn't have any clothes on other than a bra and underwear. She thinks she's okay, but it's hard to see without her glasses.

“Rise and shine!” A voice cheers from behind her.

Racheal jumps, and turns to see HLN-A staring back at her. “It- what”

Racheal is dumbfounded and confused. She gets up and looks out a window as HLN-A chatters about something behind her. She puts her hand on the glass and stares at the glowing green beacon of light not far from where she was. It was coming from somewhere in the research facility.

“What- What is that?” She asks, to no one in particular

“That green light is where your body is! You should be able to go retrieve your things, unless someone has stolen them, that is” HLN-A responds with endless energy.

Racheal remains quiet for a moment before darting over to the closet. She slipped a pair of fur boots on, a pair of fur gloves and a fur hat. She also put on a pair of hide pants and a hide tunic. Fur clothing was hard to get enough materials to make, the majority of her fur clothing was on her…body, as HLN-A had called it. She nearly left without grabbing her extra pair of glasses, she quickly ran back to get them.

HLN-A followed as Racheal ran down the stairs and through the labs and hallways. There was no one anywhere in the building, it was quiet and empty without the usual researchers and scientists rushing around. She paused when she reached the door to the outside area. She took a deep breath, before pushing the doors open and rushing out. She looked up at the green beacon that HLN-A had said led to her body.

I’m sorry I haven’t posted in so long (Although idk if anyone reads these anymore) but DTG just kinda demanded that everyone write something so I guess I just did. Sorry if this isn’t as polished as my usual, I did it in a bit of a rush.

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