For this chapter, we’ll start with Dr. R’s point of view again, then back to Ferra’s

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For this chapter, we’ll start with Dr. R’s point of view again, then back to Ferra’s

Ferra’s Dream

Chapter 15

The bed itself was rather simple, the blankets, pillows, and sheets all being white, but they were at least thick and fluffy for warmth. She rubbed the base of her neck and sighed “what’s wrong?” Rasped a masculine voice ringing in her ears. “Great One” she muttered. “I told you that you may call me by my name, we are equals.” It reminded her. “Yes'' she paused and gulped “Rockwell'' There was silence for a moment as if it was contemplating something, then it replied suddenly “what’s troubling you?” It asked again. “I-I don’t think the others understand the importance of this project. Most of them barely know how to handle the element. I don’t know how any of them managed to survive the arks before this one. I’ve had to do most of the work, I’ve been more of a teacher than a scientist. The few of them that do know what to do, act like they’re better than me and talk back constantly, trying to be the boss of everything.” She explained angrily. Rockwell sighed “If necessary, you could call in a trade with one of the other labs, perhaps some of them would be more comfortable living with the magmasaurs.” He offered. She seemed to calm down, “No, no, it’s fine. The project is going well, that won’t be necessary” she replied. It’ll just be harder if new people come. They won’t know their place, it would probably make things worse. “Alright” it replied questioningly. She hauled herself off the bed and straightened her glasses. I was going to take a nap or something, but I guess I’ll go to the lab and see what’s going on. She walked out, the door locking behind her.

As she entered the lab people swarmed around her like children. They were all asking for help or assistance with their assigned part of the project. “Alright alright everyone calm down. Someone go get Stoane, I can’t help all of you on my own. Everyone go back to your stations and I’ll get to you when I get to you.” She ordered. They all quickly started to disperse to their stations to continue their work or wait for her to come assist them.

All she did was eat, sleep, and drink. There was nothing to do in this place. The humans brought her food everyday, although she was hardly ever hungry enough to eat any of it. She tried to escape one time when they had brought her food. She had attempted to dart out of the door while they were leaving after giving her food, but they closed the door too quickly. Although she had failed to escape, she had seen a glimpse of something on the outside, she saw another animal. She had seen a green iguanodon with pale orange specks. She heard the sounds of a struggle, humans yelling, and the angry moo of the iguanodon. From what she could hear, it sounded like they were hitting it, and it no longer sounded angry, it sounded like it was in pain, along with the sound of something firing. Once, she had seen something like this, with Fenic, they had thought it was terrifying. They had watched as a group of humans had managed to restrain a mammoth with a metal chain. They then beat it, some of them shooting it with arrows until it fell unconscious. Afterwards, the humans did the oddest thing, they fed it. Later, the mammoth woke up and did everything the humans told it too. That was the first time Ferra had ever seen an animal be tamed. Now, she figured that the humans had attempted the same with the poor iguanodon. Ferra had debated eating the piece of element she wore as a necklace, the one she had just in case something happened and she needed it, she had debated using it to escape this place. She had spent a whole day thinking of ways to escape, but even mutated she didn’t think she could do it. She had decided to wait, she would save her necklace for later, when she absolutely needed it. Lastly, out of all the events that had happened in this place, she had heard someone call out to her. It sounded like it hadn’t come from very far, perhaps someone had been trying to talk to her. The voice had sounded very staticy which was rather odd. She had attempted to reply to the voice, but she got no response. Ferra sat up and looked around. How long have I been here? A week? Two weeks? I wonder if Fenic has noticed yet, I think it’s around the time we usually meet. She quickly spun around to face the clear wall behind her. The humans were back. Ferra snorted and curled up into a tight ball. She didn’t like it when the humans watched her. This was the third time they had decided to watch her since they’d brought her here. She didn’t know why they did this, they just did, and it was annoying. She squeezed her eyes shut. There was no cover here in this prison they kept her in, but she found a little relief in sleep. When she slept she often dreamt vividly, it felt almost like her dreams were reality, she sometimes wondered if they were.

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