Ah. I’m so glad I’m back and I can say random things at the beginning of my stories

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Ah. I’m so glad I’m back and I can say random things at the beginning of my stories


Chapter 4

Zero crept up to the back of the building. there weren’t as many dinosaurs here, therefore, being safer for vulnerable Zero. Zero stopped as Zero got closer, almost too close, but Zero couldn’t see otherwise. Zero scanned the building. The building itself was in good condition, although quite primitive, this was odd since most of the buildings here were old and covered by foliage and greenery. There were only two animals here at the back of the building, an iguanadon and a stego. Both diets, herbivore. Both temperaments, neutral. Because of this, Zero figured Zero would be safe, Zero wasn’t planning on attacking anyway. Zero slowly and cautiously walked between the two herbivores “guarding” the back of the building. The two creatures didn’t react or even turn to face Zero, they just seemed to stare off into the distance. Zero prodded at the hefty stone wall before Zero, testing its stability, before climbing up the wall. As Zero came to the window, he cautiously peeked in, not wanting to be seen by any aggressive creatures possibly hiding in the building. Within the building, as far as Zero could see, which wasn’t very far, there were a few primitive appliances. There was a mortar and pestle, and a cooking pot, Zero thought he could see more, but Zero wasn’t sure what. Zero, concentrating, trying to make out shapes through the window, jumped as he heard noises from below, Zero nearly lost Zero’s grip. Zero looked down. Zero could see a defense unit, the stego, and the iguanodon engaging in battle. Zero clung closer to the wall, if Zero fell, Zero would land in the middle of the battle, and statistics say there would be a very low chance of Zero’s survival if that happened.

Try to count how many Zero’s are in this one.



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