Okay so, I’m trying to figure out how to do paragraphs, so, bare with me.

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Okay so, I’m trying to figure out how to do paragraphs, so, bare with me.

Ferra’s Dream

Chapter 16

Just as she was almost asleep, she felt herself start to fall. She jolted upward, then huffed. I hate it when I’m almost asleep and I have that weird falling feeling. Ferra sat there for a moment, unsure of what to do. She wanted to go back to sleep, but she wasn’t sure about that anymore.

“Can” called a voice “hear me” it finished. She looked around. Isn’t that the voice from before? Where is it coming from? “I-i can hear you if that’s what you're wondering” Ferra replied nervously. “What is-“ the voice started.

Ferra stiffened as she attempted to locate the source of the voice. She put all her focus on her eyes and ears as she listened carefully. She suddenly realized something. She could hear many voices, as if multiple creatures were having a conversation. The voices sounded muffled, and quiet. She could only hear the voices if she strained her ears.

After a moment, although it had felt like several, the voice continued. “What is your name?” It asked. “Ferra” she replied as she turned to face the clear wall. The voice, it’s coming from somewhere in there “who...who are you?” She questioned, approaching the clear wall cautiously. No response came. “Who are you?” She repeated, still no response.

Ferra gently touched the clear wall, then quickly pulled her hand away. She took a step back from the clear wall, then another, then another, her ears flat against her head out of fear. The humans had now started to depart, they acted almost as if she wasn’t there, as if they didn’t notice her.

The one thing that scared her, was the one human that had seemed to notice her. A female, as it walked away, turned back to look at Ferra, a knowing look in her cool blue eyes. Ferra, unsure of this human, stood there, fear creeping up her spine.

As the days went by, the voice had started to talk to her more, almost every other day now. The voice tended to ask a lot of questions, and surprisingly, she didn’t mind answering them. The voice had even told Ferra its name, or at least, part of it. The voice's name was R.

Although it asked many questions, Ferra never asked too many herself. Although, there was one question she often did ask. She often asked R what exactly it was. Usually, it would just stop talking and never answer. Occasionally, after she asked the question, it would pause, then follow up with its next question.

Something that Ferra had noticed and thought was odd, was that the humans were always on the other side of the glass when she spoke to R.

Ferra didn’t think much of the humans. She just thought they were rude for staring at her like they did. The humans just simply annoyed her, nothing more, nothing less.

Only one human really bothered her, the dark brown haired female with odd looking small clear circles in front of her eyes. Ferra only ever saw this human as the crowds of humans on the other side of the glass wall departed. What was truly odd about this particular human, is that Ferra could always smell element radiating from this human. She could tell it wasn’t much, but it seemed to be very strong.

Ferra jumped at the sound of growling, humans yelling, and the occasional squawk. Confused and curious, she walked up to the small locked door on the right side of the cage. She looked through the small space in between the door and doorframe.

She could see a trap made of dinosaur gate frames, a white argentavis with gold tipped feathers trapped within. At the front of the trap, humans yelled at a brownish thylacoleo perched atop. The thylacoleo hissed and spat as the humans jabbed and threw spears at it.

From below, on the other side of the trap, a jet black direwolf attempted to destroy or break the trap, along with some other creature. The other creature stood out like a crimson drop of blood in the pure snow white landscape. This creature was wolf-like with big ears, claws, and teeth, its skin bright red.

Wait. Is that even possible? I-I’ve seen them before. She realized. I’ve seen them in my dreams. She had indeed seen these four in her dreams before. Although, they were different here. When she had seen the thyla, it had been just a kit, and the direwolf just a pup. The argentavis had only just hatched. The fourth creature, the red one, was a ravager. When she had seen the ravager, it hadn’t been as young as the others, but it had still been younger than it is now.

Ferra blinked and now within her view, she could see another argentavis, a human riding on its back. Ferra watched as it picked up the thyla and carried it to one of the other cages that lay neatly in a row. Next, it came back and carried the direwolf to a cage. Lastly, it picked up the ravager. Ferra stepped back and away from the door as the argent carried the ravager closer, and closer.

Hope you guys enjoyed this chapter!



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