Ferra’s Dream

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Ferra’s Dream

Chapter 22

Ferra stepped up to the dinosaur gate that loomed over her. She then turned her head to look at the clear wall behind her, there were no humans there today, she sighed in relief. For a moment, she faced the dinosaur gate, then she angled herself toward the front right corner of her cage.

She exhaled a quiet shaky breath as she grasped for her element necklace, she didn’t dare take her eyes off the cage. With a quick hard yank, the element broke free from the thin rope that it was tied to. She shrugged and the rope fell to the side. She held the element tightly in her upper right hand. Don’t screw this up, she growled at herself, this is the only piece you have, you’ve got one shot. She closed her eyes and opened her small jaws as wide as they could go. She raised the element above her mouth, as she released her grip, it fell into her mouth.

In a few seconds, she became the monster she knew she was. She reached up to the tops of the cage walls and hauled herself over and out of her cage.

As her feet touched the ground, she quickly noticed the row of cages lined up along one of the walls of the human base. She ran over to the first cage and observed it. A thick wood plank that rested on two wide metal hooks, there was a hook on either door, all this held the door shut. Ferra hauled the wood plank to the side and yanked open the gate doors. Renegade looked up at her in surprise for a moment, then darted out of the cage. “Watch my back” Ferra growled in a deep rough voice.

She stomped over to the next cages to free Lynx and Rorin. Ferra opened the doors to Lynx’s cage. Lynx stood in the center of the cage, expressionlessly looking Ferra up and down. “Boo” Ferra laughed, Lynx calmly walked out of the cage.

As Ferra yanked open the last pair of gate doors, the black direwolf darted out past her without stopping to acknowledge her. She snorted and turned to face the others, the humans had begun to gather around them. She walked over to stand beside Renegade. The three of them had their fangs banged in snarls, both Lynx’s and Rorin’s fur was fluffed up.

“Let’s go!” Rorin growled. “We need to find Ally first!” Lynx hissed, her tail lashing aggressively, Renegade huffed in agreement. “Easier said than done,” Ferra warned. “Leave. The. Bird.” Rorin continued.

This one probably came out a bit short like chap 21, so sorry about that,



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