We’re so close to 20 chapters p-p

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We’re so close to 20 chapters p-p

Ferra’s Dream

Chapter 18

Renegade turned to face the other side of his cage, and walked over to the gap in the wall. “Well?” Demanded the thyla. Ferra strained her ears to attempt to listen to the conversation. “She said her name is Ferra, and she’s a…ferox. You wouldn’t happen to know what that is, would you?” He replied quietly. The thyla looked at him with a puzzled expression. “Nope. No clue. What does she look like?” Asked the thyla. “I don’t know. She briefly explained it to me, but it wasn’t a very detailed description. There are no gaps in the walls of her cage.” He explained.

The thyla paced back and forth in her cage, going in and out of his view as she passed the gaps in her cage. “Was she here when we got here?” The thyla asked, not stopping. “I believe so” he confirmed.

The thyla stopped pacing and sat down where Renegade could see her. She said nothing, she just sat there in silence. She seemed to be thinking, a determined expression on her face. There was no noise, except for the occasional scuffling, or the wing picking up and howling into their ears.

“Stop talking and think of a way out of here you useless sacks of meat, ask the stupid thing if it knows a way out! Do something other than sit there!” A rough voice growled from behind the thyla, having to speak loudly in order to be heard. Renegade simply nodded in response. He didn’t understand why Rorin was so rude, but he was tired and couldn’t bring himself to say anything. The thyla turned around and hissed, “Calm down Rorin!” Renegade, once again, just nodded in agreement. He twitched as he realized that Rorin most definitely could probably not see him, and Lynx currently had her back to him. Lynx once again faced Renegade. “Could you ask?” She requested. Renegade shook his head. “Perhaps in the morning. She’s currently sleeping” Lynx sighed, “alright” Rorin grunted from behind her.

Ferra snorted in agitation and backed away from the door. She couldn’t hear what they were saying, so she may as well attempt to sleep.

She opened her eyes and found herself in a human base. Deep in her stomach, she could feel her fear blister and burn inside her, but her curiosity was like an unbearable itch that seemed to override that fear.

Humans walked up and down the hallway. They would hurry past without noticing her. Surely anyone would notice a ferox in their midst. She looked around, her gaze passing over human, after human, over a dark haired female. She gasped and took a step back, only to jump forward as another human walked past behind her. She watched the familiar female, time seemed to slow as she did.

She closed her eyes as she gently lifted her muzzle into the air and took a deep breath, taking in all the scents, drowning out the already deafened noise. She choked and coughed at the element smell mixed with rot and decay. She traced the smell back to a faint purple glow coming from under the skin on the back of the female human's neck.

Her ears twitched at the mumbling that emanated from the glowing part of the female's neck, and the air around her. “Carry on with your little project” it rumbled “it will keep you busy while I string the element into the weak, while I figure out how to get into those who will resist the call of the element.” The voice continued to speak as time seemed to go back to normal and the female walked a way, the voice fading into nothing.

She was only given a moment to think before her ears flattened at the growing whispers that had haunted her in so many dreams. The whispers grew louder and louder around her, it was impossible to tell what the hushed voices were saying. She only knew what the whispers intended for her to know. They hissed a warning to her, although she didn’t know what they were saying. She let a wave of calmness wash over her and she closed her eyes. The whispers still growing louder, closing in, towering over her like long shadows.

She gently lifted herself up from her sleeping position. her head was down, facing the ground, her lone ears sat draped over the sides of her fight. She breathed heavily, her heart rate increased. Her tail curled around her as she settled herself into a sitting position. She allowed her ears to stand up straight like usual. The dreams don’t mean anything. Dreams are just dreams. Ferra sat and thought for a minute. But maybe it does mean something. Ferra smiled and growled at herself, “now I’m just being stupid”

She listened to the ravager speak softly to the other caged creatures. Ferra didn’t think this place was too bad, or at least, that’s what she had thought before the arrival of her new caged neighbors. She would much prefer, especially now, to be out hunting, taking a walk, or even just feeling the soft cold snow under her feet, she missed Fenic as well. She didn’t want to stay here anymore.

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