To be honest, I don’t like doing Dr.R’s pov. We’re in the 20’s now ;-;

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To be honest, I don’t like doing Dr.R’s pov. We’re in the 20’s now ;-;

Ferra’s Dream

Chapter 20

Dr. R walked briskly down the hallway, a scientist on either side of her. “This is the best prototype yet!” The one on her left exclaimed “This one is perfect! I can’t think of any way for it to be better” Dr. R laughed, “This isn’t a prototype, it’s the final project, and as much as you think it is, it’s not perfect, nothing is.”

They walked in silence to the viewing room, where all the caged animals could be seen through strong glass windows. Dr. R took a step forward onto the metal platform. She looked through the first window, at the small fluffy ferox. She watched as the ferox scarfed down some meat in a pile in the corner of the cage. Dr. R sighed as she remembered the ferox’s name “Ferra” she muttered, but today, today wasn’t about the ferox.

Recently, they had found an argentavis curiously flying around the front side of the base, a beautifully colored one at that. The argentavis was so abnormally…passive. Because of this, security had easily put it in a trap. Once the Argentavis had been caught, it started to panic, that’s when the others came. A thylacoleo ran up from nowhere and jumped on top of the trap. It had hissed and growled at the people standing around the cage. Meanwhile, a ravager and a direwolf had been attacking the trap from the other side.

The fact that these three had all arrived at the same time was rather odd, could they have formed some sort of pack? Thylacoleos are independent creatures. They only occasionally come together temporarily to raise cubs. Sometimes mates will stay together even after their cub or cubs have left, if two cubs are born in a litter they will sometimes stay together as well. Direwolves and ravagers are both pack animals, they hardly ever separate from their packs. The only reason one wouldn’t have a pack is if something happened to the rest of their pack, leaving them as the only one left. There aren’t ravagers in this world, how was this one even here? Had some tribe brought it with them? Dr. R had only ever seen one once, in another world she had been to. The fact that these three, four including the argent, were here together gave her many questions.

someone handed her the communication device. She looked down at the small metal earpiece with a single glowing blue dot that lay in her hand. It was a lot smaller than the original prototype, which had been a hulking headset. The original prototype had required both communicators to have a device of some sort.

Four other scientists stood on the metal platform with her. There was a bar on either side of the platform so people could hold on, a lever was next to one of the bars. The room was rather long, the metal platform was so they could go to the end and back faster, it also helped with moving the equipment throughout the room.

She nodded to the scientist closest to the lever. He pulled the lever and the platform started moving to the right at a steady pace. “Take us to the thyla” Dr. R ordered, the metal platform started to move a bit faster “I want to try to talk to all three of them at once” she explained as the platform came to a stop in front of a window.

She stepped off the platform and walked towards the window, stopping a few feet away from it. Some scientist came and set up two Ipad sized screens on stands right up against the glass. She stood in front of the screens, looming over them. She looked down at the image of the ravager on the left screen, then at the one of the direwolf on the right. She looked up at the thyla pacing in its cage on the other side of the glass. She put the earpiece in her left ear. Everyone went quiet so she could focus and hear the responses of the animals.

“Hello” she muttered, thyla’s head perked up “Did you guys hear that?” The thyla hissed. Dr. R smiled briefly “everything’s working so far” she told the other scientists in a hushed voice. She looked down at the screens, “I think so” the ravager barked. She turned to look at the screen with the direwolf. The direwolf was laying down with its back up against the left wall of the cage looking…grumpy. “Rorin” the thyla growled “did you hear it or not?” The direwolf put his paws over his face “You’re all delusional” he snorted. The thyla sighed in annoyance.

Dr. R moved her arm backward and signaled for someone to come here, One of the scientists walked over to her. Dr. R leaned over and muttered to the scientist “I think the direwolves name is Rorin” the scientist nodded, scribbled something on her clipboard, and backed away.

“Can you understand me?” Dr. R asked just to be sure. The thyla looked down for a moment before responding “Yes” it growled “who are you?!” Dr. R heard a faint laugh come from somewhere further away. “Did you find the disembodied voice?” It chirped. “You know it?” The thyla hissed.




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