Er Ferra’s Dream Chapter 17 Now, on the other side…

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Ferra’s Dream

Chapter 17

Now, on the other side of the cage, Ferra looked up. She watched as the human pulled on the argents reigns, signaling for it to release the red ravager. The ravager fell down into the cage next to Ferra’s with a thump, causing Ferra to jump.

As she stood and listened, she could hear the sounds of barking and hissing. Ferra assumed the noises were coming from the thyla and direwolf. She could also hear the faint squawking of the white argent she had seen earlier. While she listened to the sounds around her, she heard the faintest clacking of nails, or claws. She assumed the ravager in the cage next to her was pacing or something like that.

Ferra carefully once again approached the door. Instead of turning her head so she could see outside, she put her nose up to the space. She sniffed, mentally sorting through the new scents. She picked up the smell of sand, which was something she had smelt very little off. Something also had the smell of trees and sap. She squeaked in surprise at the smell of the last scent. The last thing smelled of dirt and the wet darkness of a cave, but she also smelt something else, the smell of something she considered valuable. “Element” she whispered to herself. The smell of element wasn’t exactly unusual to smell, in fact, she smelled it constantly. Her makeshift necklace that wrapped around a single shard of element of course always smelled like element. The smell that her piece element gives off has mixed with her own scent, causing her to not really be able to smell it. Although, she could always smell it when there was a new scent of element as almost every piece smelled different to her.

She breathed in the familiar scent of element, then looked up at the colorful streaks. Purples, pinks, and blues on the orange sunset sky. The last of the sun's rays shining in the darkening sky. I’ll learn more about the new creatures tomorrow, She thought to herself.

She awoke to the sound of barking and growling. The moon shone above her head, almost full. “Will you shut up?! I’m trying to sleep!” She yelled, unsure of whom she was directing it to.

Suddenly, an apologetic male voice replied “oh! I'm so sorry, please forgive me! I didn’t know there was anyone else here” why is he talking like that? She wondered. A screech of annoyance sounded from further away, “Renegade!” A female voice hissed. Is that the thyla from earlier? I think the weird speaking male voice is the ravager.

“Apologies Lynx! There’s someone else here in the cage next to me!” The voice she figured was Renegade replied. “What is it? Who is it” the thyla hissed suspiciously, probably wondering if Ferra could be trusted.

Ferra crept up to the door on the right side of the cage. She squinted through the gap. The ravager could be seen clearly. Unlike Ferra’s cage, the ravager’s cage had large gaps in between the walls. Although, the gaps were too small for the ravager to fit through. The gaps were there so that the humans could go in and out of the cage easily, as well as view the specimen inside clearly.

The ravager turned to face Ferra’s cage, although it didn’t notice Ferra looking through the small gap. “May I know your name?” He asked politely. “You want to know my name?” Ferra laughed rudely, wondering how someone could be so calm and polite towards a stranger they just met after being captured.

The ravager nodded. Then paused, realizing she couldn’t see him, or at least, not as far as he knew. “Yes, of course that's if you don’t mind.” He answered after a moment. Ferra squinted at him judgingly, deciding what to do. “Only if you tell me your name” she demanded, expecting him to wait till after she said her name.

“Renegade” he grunted unexpectedly. She went quiet for a moment, letting herself think. “Ferra” she replied blankly. “That’s a beautiful name!” He paused, “I am so very sorry if this sounds rude, but may I ask you what species you are?” He asked nervously.

She rolled her eyes. He’ll have no idea what I am. We don’t have ravagers here, I only know what he is because of my dream. I doubt he’s ever even heard of a ferox. She thought for a moment. I guess it won’t do any harm to tell him.

“I’m a ferox,” she declared proudly. “I’m so sorry, but what exactly is a ferox?” He asked. She nearly laughed at his response. She had expected him to either ask what a ferox was, or politely nod and pretend he did. The polite-fancy way he talked annoyed her, but also humored her. “I’m a small fluffy thyla looking thing with big ears and four arms, but that doesn’t mean I can’t easily snap your neck”

Renegade looked surprised at her explanation. He shivered, then went back to normal. “Perhaps I’ll be able to see what you look like at some point. Till then, me and my friends will try our best to converse quieter so you may sleep in peace.” He promised. She grunted in response, knowing she had no intention of sleeping now.



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