I know it’s been awhile, and im sorry. I’ve been going through some stuff

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I know it’s been awhile, and im sorry. I’ve been going through some stuff

Ferra’s Dream

Chapter 28

She grabbed the reins and sat up straight with full confidence. The three or four men nearby seemed to be surprised by this, although it was hard to tell while they had their helmets on.

“What’s his name?” Racheal asked as she situated herself better on the saddle. Haroh almost looked confused. “Doesn’t have a name, goes by One.” He replied simply. Racheal frowned “He needs a better name than that” Haroh shrugged and walked off. Racheal thought for a moment. “Fortis” She muttered to the yuty, it didn’t acknowledge her.

Haroh turned his head toward one of his men who was preparing their yuty for the battle ahead. The man noticed Haroh and walked over with the yuty following. “You, you will be going on foot,” Haroh told the man. The others watched in silence. His chances of surviving are low, especially with the gear he has she realized. She knew there were things she could do, like offer him a ride or offer to attempt to protect him, but in the end, she didn’t care what happened to him. She wasn’t fond of her own species. She had never really cared for anyone, although animals were always something she had dearly loved. Perhaps it was the purity she found in them as they were unable to do many things humans can. Haroh watched as the man climbed off his mount. Haroh then proceeded to mount the yuty. He pulled on its reins and steered it toward the terminal.

“Ready?” He shouted. At his call the others began to lead the other yutys and rexs. Once they were all at the terminal, the man without a mount ran up and raised his wrist. Suddenly, they heard a loud whooshing sound.

A bubble began to form around them. In a way, it reminded her of a window. As it slowly closed around them, through the blurry light, she could see a new place, one she had never been to. She looked up to see the sky growing smaller and smaller as the bubble closed. A moment after the bubble finished forming, it began to break apart, revealing the arena. She felt the smallest shiver go down her spine as heavy rain bore down on them.

The group lingered there for a moment, gathering themselves together for the battle ahead. She looked around, it looked as if they were in some kind of old Chinese town, although she wouldn’t really know what that would look like. All the things she knew about China mostly came from the TV shows and movies she had watched.

The group took a right, as they ‘strolled’ through the streets, she looked around at the buildings and the art that had been painted on the surrounding walls. They walked carefully, unsure of where the beasts they sought to kill might be. They went around a corner, and Racheal stopped to observe a statue of a large primate. The megapithecus she thought before running off to catch up with the rest of the group. They continued to walk for a while longer until abruptly stopping. A figure was visible through the rain.

The giant primate beat its chest and roared, challenging the invaders. Haroh let out a battle cry while signaling his yuty to roar. The two other yutys, were signaled by their riders to do the same. There are two things a yutys roar can do. It can either strike fear into the hearts of their enemies, or give courage and strength to those it wishes. The roar worked almost like a form of hypnosis or mind control, forcing said creature to be entirely fearless, or completely afraid. Racheal found bringing four yutys pointless. In truth they only really needed one or two, but she wasn’t the one who got to decide these things. All the men, as well as the tames, charged at the megapithecus, it did the same. A hoard of gigantopithecus followed, Bigfoot like primates. The rexs bit at the megapithecus, their sharp teeth easily sinking into its flesh. The megapithecus attempted to swat the rexs away, but all it managed to do was push their heads away for a moment before they began to attack again. Meanwhile, the gigantopithecus’ clambered onto the rexs’ feet. The gigantopithecus did not have the teeth or claws necessary for breaking the rexs’ thick skin.

Racheal looked away from the ongoing battle and turned her attention to the man that had been instructed to go on foot. The gigantopithecus that were not occupied with the rexs, ran at the man. The man held a bow and shot at the gigantopithecus with stone arrows. The man was unable to defeat all the gigantopithecus, and they proceeded to flood closer and closer to him. As they began to crowd around him, he frantically dropped his bow and pulled out his sword. He flung the sword around, attempting and failing to protect himself. She listened to his screams as they tore him limb from limb. I'd say this is the circle of life, but normally there aren't prehistoric creatures fighting a bunch of prehistoric creature-riding humans; these were her only thoughts about the man’s death.

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