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Chapter 3

“What the-“, Max slammed into Kyle, knocking him backwards, then leaped onto him and shoved his face into the dirt. Kyle struggled against Max but couldn’t get him off, so he relaxed and stopped struggling, Max loosened his grip and Kyle pushed him off. “Damn you!” Max shouted.

“What the hell are you doing!?”

“You murdered my brother, so I murder you!”

No, you’re mistaken, I didn’t kill him, I stayed awake all night to find the killer, I saw it, but it got away just before you came out” Kyle explained.

“Yeah right!” Max shouted.

Kyle then did one thing, punched him in the mouth, knocking out one tooth. Then there was a shout and the tribe leader appeared with his second in command, and they dragged the two apart.

I have to stop now, even though the chapter isn’t finished, bye.


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