The Final Arks

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The Final Arks

Book 2: Hunting Giants (book 1 was in megalodon)

Chapter 1

Frank sat atop his sabertooth as it climbed up the rocky slope leading to the base of the Ark’s tallest mountain: The Freezer. Jack and Emily were walking behind, Jack in his Rex and Emily in her allo. At the top of The Freezer was the first Giant’s Temple, and they were going to fight it.

“God’s sake... when do we get to the top?” Jack asked.

“Who knows” Emily replied. Frank ignored them, he just wanted to get to the top and deal with this. Eventually, they reached the top. In front of them was a huge pair of gates made of red wood with a giant white skull painted on them.

“Well, this is a big gate” Emily pointed out.

“Who cares, let’s get it open.” Frank stuck the key into the lock and twisted it. There was a thunderous creaking as the gates opened, revealing the huge temple at the peak of the mountain, the fight would soon begin.

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