The History of the Dragons and the Wyverns

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The History of the Dragons and the Wyverns

Part 1

A long time ago, Crystal Isles was an Ark called

Dragonworld. Here were the Dragon and the Crystal Wyvern Queen. They mated by creating billions of eggs. Wyverns of all kinds hatched and came out, along with Rock Drake and Managarmr. Some eggs were covered with hair. From these eggs came the Griffins. One was bigger, in fact from this egg came the Manticore. Dragons, Griffins and Wyverns split up: Manticore and Wyverns went to Scorched Earth; Forest Wyverns tried to follow them but ended up on Extincion, along with the Managarmr, and became slaves of the Forest Titan; some griffins ended up on a parallel The Island (that of Ark: Mobile); the Rock Drakes took refuge on Aberration; the Ice Wyverns went (along with some griffins) to Ragnarok and Valguero

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