Forbidden life chapter three

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Forbidden life chapter three

The large wolf pup saw a carabu

Signaling the grizzly she called a mother,starstruck was a halfway blind she wolf but was large for a wolf but the grizzly always wondered that she was small for her age but walked over to the pup to help bring down the trapped carabu,she killed it with one blow to its artery and tossed a bloody organ to the wolf pup who ate it obediently,the grizzly felt the snow fall but all she could think of is:”cold sleep is coming it will start today,poor starstruck,I must tell her what to do”starstruck I’m going to be asleep for a while………hunt rabbits and survival is key I won’t wake up till snowmelt so please,staysafe”the grizzly curled herself into a ball in her den and the cold sleep began,(one or two weeks later:) starstruck was out hunting father than normal,meanwhile the grizzle had woken up even though cold sleep had not ended she forget what she had said to her pup and left the den but the ground split an earthquake had actúes and swallowed the grizzly,she climbed out feeling the crunch of her back legs and they broke she kept searching but a rock came from nowere and took her life……starstruck found her body and cryed for endless hours and howled a song”mother mother we’re are you

my only one I cared for you

you cared for me more than I you

Mother mother I’ll miss you

I’ll never forget thy

We’re ever they ascend to

I’ll see you soon I hope

My mother and friend

I won’t let you down

My mother and friend…..”

her howl was beautiful and an Alfa had heard her he tracked her down and saw her next to the dead grizzly and said”I am Alfa of the blood moon pack I heard your howl…it was beautiful…….join my pack” starstruck growled and her eyes now slits”stay away from my mother!”she said as the Alfa approached sayin”my name is liasn”as liasn approached she bit him and snarled stating”you shall stay away!”

“Ok ok chill,mystery wolf I’ll return tomorrow”so the Alfa left and starstruck saw the grizzly paw bone off her body so she tore off the meat and left it there and started to carve,a story of her life her blind eye she’s a tear


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