Forbidden life: chapter one

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Forbidden life: chapter one

•she ran as fast as her paws could take her,from her family,friends and mate,a pregnant she wolf ran and ran from her pack but mostly from the obea a she wolf that had supposedly never developed maternal instincts that was chosen to carry cured or deformed pups to tumfraws or places to abandon them so that they won’t survive but if they did they become a gnaw wolf,last to eat and always abused and slept far away from the pack, the she wolf had gone into an inactive fox den were she had the pups but one……one was different, one eye was bling and the other normal but it certainly wasn’t going to stop the pup from doing anything! The pup was a beautiful sparking silver and the other pups bacl like the mother and father,the she wolf named Morgan would stay curled around the pups for days but she would only have a few hours of this fancifully thinking, the obea strego tracked down the she wolf who had crossed into a different packs Teritory not watched as the silver pup was carry’s to a tumfraw were her poor half blind pup would be abandoned,strego put the pup on an ice ledge the mewling she pup looked so small but stregos ears were sealed as effectively as the pups……..the small pup drifted in the river but suddenly a wave of water had washed over the small pup knocking her off of the ice segment to drown, a grizzly bear now sitting in the river waiting for a wave to drown her felt something snag on her fur,milk still dripping with milk for her first litter that had just been killed, she didn’t want more pups she wanted death but she picked up the silver scrap of fur and stared at it thinking•”I seek death but it seeks life…..”• she said to the small wolf pup pressing it close to her tear witch he latched onto”your name will be starstruck you you are like a Dimond in the rubble small pup and I think that well get along well


End of chapter one

Authors note-

This was based on wolfs of the beyond about a silver wolf with a splayed paw this story is like this my main Carecter is a wolf with one blind eye also it took a long time to type this so pls like another comes soon so yay

-falling star/cadence

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