Chapter seven(also sorry for the bad grammar what I was…

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Chapter seven(also sorry for the bad grammar what I was doing before was deleting the text anyways) a compys life:herbivore island 🏝️

They watched paras and trikes and many more herbivores cunubicste then most of the herbivores in there sight turned to them +*a trike spoke,grufly*+what are wolfs and a…bird…lion thing •+Finn spoke up •+ I’m A griffen! Hmf *+the trike*+ oh are u brave small fry hmmm hmm I dinnt rhink so *+finn spat at his feet*+ =mutters= jerk*every herbivores had gone back to what they were doing but had left that area*I bet all three of you couldn’t hurt me *+he said smugly*+

~scale was raging by then and by the looks of it flame was to they had here knees bent and they were both growling~OK WELL WRECK U *yowled scale**they didn’t show they had powers yet and somthing told them not to yet*~the three angery juveniles followed the trike to a area were no one was~no one wants to see me kill there children so we’ll do it privately *said the trike probably thinking of how great he was**+a fight broke out Finn jumped onto it’s back and under his shield and hit his neck hardly doing anything flame dodged and we’re his feet tripping him and burning him scale said JUMP OF HIM Finn and flame landed next to her and they boated him high and he landed with a thud!!* ~flame~ I think he’s dead 💀 *the trike mutters * almost *lauth**weze* im and old trike and I was taken down by a few kids good job *he said Humboldt before passing away*~scale~ I kinda don’t wanna eat him *all of there stomachs growed* on second hand…..-they ate him felling kinda bad that it taissed so good * *they found ahole that they could all fit in and still have room with a. Jerboa in…it it ran of emidiatly …anyways they got i in the hole and slept peacfully they had survived there first day on herbivores island

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