(Chapter two:a compys life)

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(Chapter two:a compys life)

Era the was gifted magic when her mom died

That night she had night mare about….her mom she was geting killed all over again but befor she was chopped in half she said quitely “I will always be watching you” then her blood splattered onto her and soaked in emdeiatly era:”oh” she looked mortified and a angery at her self “she saved me and killed her self her death was my fualt I wanted to play it was all me! Aug! I’m so stupid” *she grabbed an axe with her small arms forgetting it was a dream”sigh””I’m coming to say sorry 😢 •+she held up the axe and chopped .+she woke up.+ *mutters*so stupid *+suddenly she felt fluffyer more caynine like and a dark shape vanished she looked at Ava *+era ur a wolf and..and I leaving i layed eggs somewhere else bye *+her gaze cold in the wolf*+

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