(A compys life chapter four:a rising flame

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(A compys life chapter four:a rising flame

Flame woke up and saw a fat Odis out side and killed the fat sleeping animal ๐Ÿ‘ ๐Ÿ’€ *she dragged it inside and squeeledโ€MOMMY DADDY LOOK I CUATH SOMTHING!!โ€โ€so small but a powerful warriorthatl make a great brekfast WAAA +*crys*+MOMMY SHE IS is ABMONSTER I HATE HER HATE!!SHE KILLED A PREY FIRST PREY OF OF THE PUPS IT WAS SUPISED TO ME MEEEEEEEE*she bit flame on the neck,not killing her but injuring her **flames burned out of her mouth and swirled around her neck,she healed imiadely and water and air swirled to and back into her mouth *she gasped*auugr ahh im scary!!sweetie*they said carfully* pick one of your siblings dragon scale why*her sister followed them and all of a sudden a explosion happened behind them blood spattered onto them and they flowed and air water fire and even small rocks swirled around the pups and dinked into there fur making them able to change there coats color we love you we will always watch you oh my loves I love you we will always watch you *she licked them on the forhead and they disappeared into thin air,the pup looked at each other and cryed*weโ€™ll stick to gether no matter what..right?*she looked determined *right

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