Ark Tales Chapter 1:Before the war

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Ark Tales Chapter 1:Before the war

Episode 14:Battle in the sky

"Bigwing, activate turret mode!" Backspike yelled! Suddenly a turret came off the platform and Axeclaw grabbed it, starting to hit the Wyvern. "Ahhh! Enough! Enough !!!" the Wyvern screamed. Then he started spitting flames. Frostbite tried to stop her using his frozen beam but he was still weak and did nothing. "You are mine ..." said the Wyvern. "Let me do it!" Backspike ordered Axeclaw. The Spinosaurus took the controls and started firing everywhere, trying to hit the Wyvern. When it was about to hit her in the chest, the flying creature spat fire, which touched the rocket, causing it to explode. The group crashed into a bank. Featherclaw awoke to see 2 Giganotosaurs approaching her fiercely.

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