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Ark Tales Chapter 1:Before the war

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Ark Tales Chapter 1:Before the war

Episode 9:After the fire

Featherclaw opened his eyes. Frostbite had thrown it away from the fire. It was on the shores of the lake. He could see the White Cliffs, but he had to go back to find Frostbite. He looked around for Wingy. She saw him passed out on a rock. He took it and put it on his neck. "Aawww ... what happened? ..." Wingy said waking up. "Frostbite pushed us away, saving us. I think you hit your head," Featherclaw told him. "actually my head hurts," said the microraptor. They walked among the rocks and burnt grass. There was ash everywhere. The sky was filled with black clouds and the burnt trees replaced the verdant trees of the forest. The two found Frostbite, which was in a crater surrounded by fallen logs.

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