Ark tales Chapter 1:before the War

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Ark tales Chapter 1:before the War

Episode 1:Origins

In the white cliffs of Valguero a young Rock Drake named Darkfeather was climbing the rock walls when he heard screams. "Help help!". Darkfeather went over there and saw a Raptor being attacked by 2 Allosaurs. "Scream as much as you do, no one will hear you" the first Allosaurus told him. "Ahhh! Shut her up now!" said the other Allosaurus. Darkfeather was in front of them. "Leave her now!" he yelled at them. "No, it's our prey now," the Alpha, whose name was Funnyclaw, told him. Then Darkfeather went invisible and attacked the two Allo on the face. "Ouch! Ohi! Retreat !!! Funnyclaw said to his mate." Thank you, "said the Raptor, who was named Clev, to Darkfeather. The two lived together for several months, until the egg laid by Clev hatched. A female Raptor with a thick plumage emerged, with eyes seen and curious. "What do we call her?" Asked Clev. "We will call her Featherclaw."

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