chapter 1: Tropical hunts for the lost crystal crown.

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chapter 1: Tropical hunts for the lost crystal crown.

The Queen was not happy, yet she Tryed to act normal during the leaders meting. ”What get’s you to fink my wyvern’s whould attack your base? Argi king”

The Queen is smart, she did not let her secret come out to the other ”Clans” so nothing was unplaned in her clan. ”I saw it with my own eyes, my Queen!”

The Queen had enoth!

”You come to my kingdom saying that my wyvern’s attack’t your base with no reason!?”

The Queen started powering up a fire ball. The flames where blazing out of het mouth. The argi king coverd his face with his wings.

”I will send out over one hundred wyvern’s to find my crown in the tropical areas!!!” The meting ended well with no one being hurt.

”Where are we going again?”

”Tropical areas, Queens order.”

The alpha blod wyvern’s were sent out to searth for the crystal crown.

To be continued...

This was made by krill/me arow up for part 2.


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