“A song of compys and gigas. Chapter 29”

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“A song of compys and gigas. Chapter 29”

Bob is restless. For the past few days the southern front has been a mishmash of battles and arguments between confederate command and banes legion about the aftermath of the war and bob is stuck as the one in the middle. Not to mention that the eastern armies are slowing their advance as INVs quetzal fleet launched dodo bombing raids on confederate fortifications. Bob then is greeted surprisingly by general king. “Howdy. I see things are well. Stressful?” King says as he looks at the mess on bobs desk. Bob gives a slight nod. “How about this. Charlotte has been releved of duty due to a small case of swamp fever. Nothing too bad but she has been asking for you. What if for a few days we trade positions. I’ll organize this up and you take a little break. My troops know what to do.” Bob look up from his desktop. “I don’t personally see why not. Run it by command though. I don’t want problems to come up.” “Very well then” says king as he leaves.

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