The Red War -lava

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The Red War -lava

Chapter 3:Stranded high

Nerva asked “Rex there is only a few people who can help us. Goliath is dead and the only thing that’s ever been able to stop him was Tyrana. We need to figure out how to stop her.” Rex walked outside determined to tame a rex. He walked far and wide and couldn’t find one but then he found something. A base in the distance and it was huge. Then he hears a loud call from a parasaur and that means he tripped the alarm. Pteranodons and argentavis flew in towards him and a pteranodon picked him up. He was flying in the clutch of the pteranodon when a argentavis flew by the pteranodon. Then it turned and dive bombed straight for the pteranodon. It killed the pteranodon fairly easily leaving Rex to fall to his death. Then Rex remembered he has a parachute. He deployed it and fell into the trees. Then he saw it. There were 3 Giganotosaurus nearby him. One far infront and 2 others to his side. They looked as if they were guarding something. Then a blood wrenching roar came from behind the tree. A head moved around it and the creature stepped forward. It was the ghidorasaurus.

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