The Red War Remake (because I lost the original)

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The Red War Remake (because I lost the original)

By Lava

Chapter 1: Helping Hand

“What the heck” Rex said as they traveled through a portal. When tex finally got there he saw an army or dinosaurs including Barry’s friends and the army of baryonyx. Even Rex’s own soldiers were there. “Rex! Are you ok?” Asked Captain Sky. “Of course he is captain sky” answered commander Seth. “It’s commander sky now” said Rex.

“Hey you! Baryonyx! Why am I here” asked Rex. “It’s Barry and we need your help” said Barry. “And why is that?” Replied Rex. “Because of this” Barry said as they stared into a glowing orb.


“We can’t stop now” yelled Nerva as they charged in to the battlefield so they could beat Mecha Goliath and it’s driver Tyrana. Goliath made a loud grunt in acknowledgment and charged. Most of the animals that were fighting died and so did their riders. Goliath charged towards the Mech and hit it straight in its face. Then mecha Goliath punched Goliath right back. The two fought on for a while when Goliath punched a dent in the Mecha Goliath. In a act of rage Mechagoliath pulled out sword from under its rust and slashed Goliath. In the end no one made it out of that battle except for Tyrana who rode Mecha Goliath back to her home to gather more of her army.

Or so we thought.


“ That is not what was supposed to happen. We have to fix this” said Barry. “Then we must stop her now while she is weak.” Answered another baryonyx. Bary deciding what it said was correct ordered the army to attack Tyrana. After a while they finally got to her base. Rex insisted that Tyrana was too powerful but Barry ignored. The army charged and fought Tyrana for a while when they killed all her soldiers. Then Mecha Goliath threw a punch towards Rex. Barry jumped in between Rex and Mecha Goliath and curled around Rex so he would die. Without a leader Barry’s army fell.

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