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A song of compys and gigas (chap20)

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A song of compys and gigas (chap20)

It is the end of the third day of battle. When the sun falls below the horizon. Three flares shine brightly from the top of the volcano. Everyone is watching. The flares are in fact confederate flares that were shot off when the volcano fell in rebel hands. The confederate army headquarters is a blaze of activity and celebration. After all they just won their first battle. For INV however. Itโ€™s not in any witch way a happy day. In his temporary headquarters near the blue ob. INV address his troops. โ€œToday. Was a terrible loss to us. Our pride and joy. Is not in the hands of the enemy. However I am not saddened. They only won the battle. The war will still be won. Trust me comrades. We will have our revenge!โ€ The battle for the volcano has ended. But in the words of INV โ€œthe war will still go on.โ€ Now INV has a new plan. Keep the eastern front going. But attack the south. If the south falls to INV the war will be over. The rebellion can still fail.

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