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How to tame: (Pls don’t judge me this is how I tamed my lv 1 bronto)

1st. Get Atleast 50 or 40 tranq arrows

2nd. Get a fast raptor with 200 speed or more,

3rd get on your raptor

4th. Shoot the bronto from afar

5th if the bronto gets too close run away with your raptor and return when it’s far away again but you can still shoot it,

6th when you knock it out feed it 400 berries or crops you can easily get 100 crops or berries by growing them and getting berries from moschops

6th once it’s tamed use it for narcotics or use it for fights I reccomend taming this huge guy on herbivore island since mostly everything there is herbivores except for the ocean around it

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