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Here is how to tame a bronto:


A few hundred tranq arrows with a primitive crossbow. Bring other crossbows just in case! Also BETTER SAFE THAN SORRY.

A flyer with a saddle of course.

A good bronto. Anything 45+ because it’s like doedics they farm a lot no matter the level.

Method 1

1. Find a cliff. Make sure it is high and wide enough.

2. Aggro a bronto and land on the cliff.

3. Shoot with tranq ammo remember to leave a 5 sc gap between shots.

Method 2

1. Whistle a tapejara on follow and switch seats above the bronto.

2. Proceed to knock the beast out.

Use mejoberries or crops to tame the bronto! Bring narcs just in case but I didn’t need any.


Absolute TANK survived Rex’s for 6 minutes.

Good defense Dino with outrageous knockback and AOE.

Currently the absolute best berry farmer in ark.

Enjoy your bronto!

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