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Chapter 1

The bog is swarming with insects, tapejaras, pterodactyls, spinos and other swamp creatures ext! But what I hate the most is the stupid people in this part of the simulation, that believes we live in an actual world! Sure, I got Hlna on my side, who told me that this is the so called, “genesis simulation”! I don’t remember everything, but I have blank memories of… the island, a desert, Aberration and… earth? My ideas of survival are a bit on the sharp side, since the past days, we’ve been hunted by, ugh, here we go: sarcos, spinos, raptors, random survivors who hate that I call this a simulation, and oh crap! Insect swarm! “Perfect, just as we’re being hunted, well at least i can re-spawn, right?” I say with a slight sarcastic happiness in my voice, “Let’s see how it goes first! Im nog letting you die that easily!” Hlna snarl back, and true, she does help me, sometimes. But most of all, she tells me to keep going until the very end, thus when I die, I’ve played all cards I can! Right now tho… only three cards… fight human that chasing me, fight bog swarm in front of me or die! What now?


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