Lava cave raid

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Lava cave raid

Steelslaughter report 1:

Lots of crystal veins to harvest, encountered a few pulmonoscorpius’, araneos, and an onyx. Took them down with relative ease and returned my baryonyx to full health to press on. The twin magma-fall chasm was perhaps the worst place for us to fight, let alone fight a LOT of everything; about 7 onyx swarming above, 20 pulmono’s and araneos attempting to knock us out. Yet somehow, we both managed, though I used up all of the fish meat I pocketed onto my baryonyx. The final ‘room’ was the island hot hopper lake. I took out my mastercraft longneck and patiently sniped each onyx, and led the pulmonos and araneos into the lava gaps between us. My plan was to rush in, grab the artifact, ride, and run from the remaining creatures. But apparently my foolish past-self didn’t learn from my experience from Bruce Wayne and we were swarmed almost instantly, lost my baryonyx, and I was barely clinging on to dear life. Yet I managed. Left for obelisk. Forgive.

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