Steelslaughter here,

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Steelslaughter here,

I’m just going to say some straight facts:

In the wild, they are a general pain without a shotgun (few things on The Island are a nuisance if you have a trusty pump-action at hand) even when taming them. I saw a comment here that said ,”knocking it out is easy; keeping it down is different.” (PS on mobile, use megalosaurus kibble). But all of that set aside, they can be quite the valuable asset on the Island. It’s claws make it a powerful mix of a berserk warlord and a delicate farmer, which is not an easy combination to obtain. My only concern with having one is their health is relatively low for such a powerful theropod (yes it is likely that this creature was a herbivorous member of therapods), so pump up that stat, and take that murder turkey off to rip and tear, because where you awake, you aren’t trapped there with them, they are trapped with you.

Good luck gentlemen,

Good luck

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