Steelslaughter here,

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Steelslaughter here,

I remember my very first day ever on ARK mobile: woke up near the red obelisk, had a navigation kit pressed on my groin in my boxers, and no clue on what I really should be doing. So, naturally, I just started gathering materials to get grinding, made tools with the engrams I awoke with, hunted dodos (I didn’t know about knockout taming at the time), and after pissing off a trike by snagging an egg and barely escaping, I heard some light knarling from the forest. I went through to see, just around a boulder, two chubby doggies lizards we know now as “Moschops”, and saw that they were nudging me for my mejoberries. I figured they must be a light delicacy to the herbivores of the island, and so, I fed each two mejo’s to gain their trust. I was astounded by their doglike nature, as after I leveled one up, they showed their enthusiasm with a little dance. After the spectacle, I laid my eyes on the habitat that will later be my home: a swamp. I caught the best glimpse from a nearby cliff, but unbeknownst to me, a titanoboa ‘scaled’ the eroded wall, arriving just to my left. Me being the run-and-gun charger that I am, smacked the serpent with only my stone pick. I waited for my moschops to join in the struggle, only to see them turn tail and leave me for dead. And as the venom had finally taken its toll upon my life, I respawned, knowing that surviving the islands wrath, I needed to recruit some of the island’s residents to my aid. I needed defense. I needed strength. I needed……




not some blubberballs from the woods. I needed capable fighters to assist me on my journey toward conquering the island, and moschops weren’t my best choice, but that’s how we learn. Through our mistakes. Even very stupid ones like my first here.

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