Jointed mysteries

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Jointed mysteries

If this is short, blame me. I was playin ark all day, and wasted my battery so, im going to tell u….my ipad 15% 🪫😝😝😝

Chapter 13

The Pego led them to the leader. “Here yuh guys go. We don’t fight. We steal. Here, i don’t even know what this thing does. Have the rune back.” The nice Pego squeaked. “Thanks.” Fury said. They read the next riddle.

“It’s the alpha of the forest”

“Shining bright with honest”

“Doing all he can”

“To protect his clan”

Something shook the ground.




They look up. “What was that noise?” Asked Mia. “I don’t know but, we have to find out!” They went out of the den. Only to see raptors scouting the area. “Raptors, it’s the alpha raptor we’re looking for,” continued Sorrow. “He’s just up north from here in red woods.” Said Sorrow. “Your right,..but how will we get passed these guys?” Asked Fury. “Well, I have a plan.” Sorrow answered.

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