Where the river runs red (chap6)

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Where the river runs red (chap6)

Shaking uncontrollably. Bob raises his gun. However the trench is silent. Bob lowers his guard slightly. However he needs to remain carful as death is still possible around every corner. It is all so dreadfuly quiet. Expect for the shrill cries of compys now and then. At least the redwoods is on the other side. Bob has to meet up with a partisan millita near the old redwoods ruins. Considering that bob has run low on rations. After an hour of walking through empty trenches bob finally emerges in the redwoods. โ€œThank god itโ€™s overโ€ bob says as he walks away from the trenches. However another thought comes to mind. Bob is now deep in enemy territory. If he is killed or captured out here. Nobody will find him.

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