A song of compys and gigas( chap 6)

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A song of compys and gigas( chap 6)

Charlotte looks out over the great ocean from the deck of raft 32. It’s been a week since bob took command of the 5th army and Charlotte has been recently promoted to second and command of the 5th. She is a pretty woman. In her early 20s. She has been through a lot of struggle in her life. Her parents were killed by INV during the first uprising. She is fishing right now off the back of her raft. An activity she enjoys doing. Meanwhile bob is sitting on his porch, enjoying the ocean views and sunrise. His thoughts drift to Charlotte, who is his second and command. As a person who lkes to be alone, bob is confused by the fact that he often is cought staring at her from afar. Every time he sees her. His heart beats heavier than normal. For now bob shrugs it off as maybe it’s a mild case of swamp fever, but then again. Bob can’t stop himself from wondering “is this love?”

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