Rathalos S1 Ep3

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Rathalos S1 Ep3

(Story’s are in alphabetical order, Ex Ep1 and 2 on snail and allo)

Riker and the She-Wolf were relaxing at the hidden lake, gathering supplies and enjoying the breeze, until Riker was edjected from the She-Wolfs back by a raptor, it held her, and she could only watch as the She-Wolf was swarmed... Everything went red. All she could remember was the aftermath of the fight, a dozen bodies surrounded her, not all of them belonging to raptors. Tears streamed her eyes as she knelt by the She-Wolf, and she noticed a green glow underneath her thick fur. A creature implant, belonging to... Rathalos. Was that the She-Wolfs name? It didn’t matter. She would not allow the She-Wol-... She would not allow Rathalos to fall like this. No matter the costs, she would bring her back. She was willing to give her breath.

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