A song of compys and gigas, chap 3

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A song of compys and gigas, chap 3

Bob opens the door and there, riding an imprinted raptor is someone who bob never wants to see... Itโ€™s the regional governor of INVs empire. โ€œI got a letter telling me to come here?โ€ He asks bob. โ€œNo why?โ€ Bob replies. But the conversation ends abruptly as gunfire eruptes from the trees. The governors raptor is shot out from under him and the governor is shot too falling and dying in a pool of his tames blood. Bob backs away in horror as men in camouflage jump from the trees. One of them yelling to bob โ€œCOME WITH ME IF YOU WANT TO LIVE!โ€ In a panic bob does what the man asks and then hops onto his pt. He is soon following the group of camo men out to sea and his only clue to who they are is a badge on their clothing. A badge that bob knows all too well... As the badge is from the confederacy of independent tribes. More commonly known to tribes...

As the resistance...

Cya on the next dossier!


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