Ark Park Chapter 2 (Chapter 1 in Achatina)

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Ark Park Chapter 2 (Chapter 1 in Achatina)

Eddy showed to them the park:there was a large zone where herbivores lived in peace,ecosystems from other Arks and the paddock of the mighty T.rex.There was also a giant paddock without signs."What there is there?" asked Bob."Oh,there isn't anything there,it's the paddock for the next incoming dinosaur,a creation maked with the DNA of the most dangerous predators of the Arks...The GIGANOTOSAURUS!" sayed Eddy "Now we will visit the labs."

At the entrance of the Labs,there was a room with 3 Raptor and 2 Deinonychus.There was a sign with writed "Security Raptors Pack Room"."How they can be used to contain the Dinos?" Bob thought.The Group entered in the Laboratory,that was full of incubators,screens and other devices.A scientist arrived."Hi,i'm Dr. Vindersynt,leader of the G.I.G.A. Project" He sayed.

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