Paleo Ark:Dododex Edition #1:The Hunt

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Paleo Ark:Dododex Edition #1:The Hunt

An adult iguanodon walk in the Jungle.He lost his pack.A roar.A second roar.And a third roar.He run fast.A bite on the tail.It is an Allosaur.The tail of the poor iguanodon as full of blood but he run,run and run.The herbivore are in a grassland with Stegosaurs,Kentrosaurs and Diplodocus.The Allosaur stop run:other 2 Allosaur are appeared from the tall plants of the jungle.They are still,they search an old or young specimens,because are more easy to hunt.The youngest Allosaur attack a Kentrosaur,who kills him by sticking him in the neck with the thorns of the tail.The other run away but are stopped by a Rex who,with a bite,kills one.The Alpha escapes into the jungle,with the aim of creating a new pack.

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