Q And A Time

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Q And A Time

Sunny asks “is Pat actually dead?”

- he could have respawned or moonhigh killed him fully to were he cant respawn

Sunny asks “Since pat no longer loves sylveevee anymore can she still respawn?”

-sadly no if she dies she can’t respawn until the test happens again not with pat but with someone else

Sunny asks “will sylveevee meet her brother again?”

-yes he will be appearing at some points of the story

Ben asks “Why did you choose aberration as the setting of the story?”

-well one reason is bc thats the place where is challenging bc of hallucinating not a lot of water and some interesting dinos

Ben asks “will Rockwell make an appearance in the future as this is aberration?”

- yes i mean what’s aberration without the boss battle bow the boss battle might be in the second to last chapter

Ben asks “is Pat ever going to come back”

-maybe yes and no if moonhigh killed him to were he can’t respawn

Ben asks “what was the biggest inspiration for the romance in queen of Ab?”

- well i’d have to say one of the arks over heaven chapter 29 “crimson crusader”

Ben asks “What is your favorite in aberration”

-… welllllll i have like more than one one would be shinehorn there just so cuuuuttteeee second baskilisk third hmmmm reaper (I believe thats all my fav ab dinos)

I will do q and a’s when i have time and if there is any new questions and i have time to answer anyways thats all for now (thanks for the questions😁)


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