The Omega Timeline

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The Omega Timeline

Chapter 7.5 A New World- by sylveevee

Sylveevee was doing her schedule as usual drake and cooper always beside her when she went into the castle a black hole formed and moonhigh and sunhigh and skyocean was in there to drake, sylveevee, moonhigh, sunhigh, and skyocean woke up in a cave they looked around they weren’t in the castle but Sylveevee explored the cave she gasped at what she saw she called the others down below was a city above the city was a floating mansion the city had a school and buildings that didn’t look right sylveevee, moonhigh, sunhigh, drake, and skyocean went down and approached stairs that led to the mansion more than 100 steps “we need to be careful dont fall” sylveevee said they walked up the stairs when they made it to the top there was two big wooden doors Sylveevee opened it what they saw was a wonderful sight to see…

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