HELLO my name is GhostDragon and this is my new story

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HELLO my name is GhostDragon and this is my new story

Wings of the lost chap 1 "the 10 year war"

There used to be peace until the Great Volcano erupted,the the leader of the WaterPelts Queen Pearl called a meeting with the leader of the FirePelts King Scorch..."WHY DID YOU MAKE THE VOLCANO ERUPT" Queen Pearl yelled at King Scorch "WE LOST CONTROL" King Scorch yelled back "yea right I don't trust you" Queen pearl yelled they argued and argued finally one of them yelled "THIS MEANS WAR"

A few years later in the ShadowPelt territory you can see a young ShadowPelt Dragon sneaking out toward the plains "Where is he" she said to herself when she got to her destination. A few hours later a WindPelt Dragon showed up "is she still here I know I was late" he looked around finally seeing her "Nightshade there you are" relieved that she was able to make it "hey Windshear...its been so long" she said happily. After hours of playing they heard there mothers call for them "bye" both said before flying off. In the middle of the night Nightshade and her family woke up to horns "NIGHTSHADE RUN" her mother called, out they burst out the cave and started flying away, she saw her friend and his family flying away as well. A few weeks later they finally found a new home it was on a mountain, perfect for them. She explored, after a while she went back home wondering what happened to Windshear.

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