The fire of the battle chap 2 part 2

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The fire of the battle chap 2 part 2

"Ya its been a long time since you been captured pyro" "I should have taken that chance when I had it why didn't I take it WHY I SHOULD HAVE TAKEN IT" "CALM DOWN PYRO its not your fault its.....mine" "WHAT" "yes....I used to be a tame they used me to scout areas I...I...(sighs) I showed them the way to your town when I found out what they were doing I ran away and made a den next to yours I found a male otter and had kids I...was finally happy until they finally attacked last I heard they were going to give up but they didn't and attacked anyway I'm sorry" " ARE WITH THE HUMANS" "NO IM NOT I TOLD YOU I HATE THEM IM TELLING THE TRUTH PYRO" pyro didn't listen to her and he attacked her flare saw a vent and went for her chance pyro launched after her but she escaped no matter what he would get her even though she's innecent but is she????

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