The fire of the battle chap 1 by dragonfire

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The fire of the battle chap 1 by dragonfire

"Lilly come with me to get some food" flare said waiting at the door "ok aunt flare" "you are going to get some ovis while I get a big coelacanth ok lilly" "ok" "let's go" after they caught there lunch of course they ate it and they also saved some for dinner some time after dinner they fell asleep but in the middle of the night a twig snapping woke flare up "what was that I better go check" she crawled out to see an ovis snacking on some grass "phew its just an ovis" but as she went back in she felt something hit her tale and everything went black last thing she saw was...........a............CLIFFHANGER (evil laughter in the background with thunder)sorry you have to wate for chap 2 (even more evil laughter and thunder in the background) hehehe

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