Embrace the Elements S2 E2(Shards POV)

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Embrace the Elements S2 E2(Shards POV)

Shard peered over the edge of the clearing.’ Talon...’ Shard backs away to let the others see. Talon is pinned down by weird twisting pieces of metal, barbed, there are tribe members on standby, armed to the teeth, with all the things they could possible need to knock him back out and down if he were to wake up, or someone tried to break him out.

A Wyvern let’s out a thin piercing wail, others shriek in rage.

“ Everyone calm down! “ Shard says desperately as the tribe members start to look for the source of the noise.

Kano raises a gloved hand to point at them, the tribe mates quickly fasten arrows to their bows, Kano holds a restrictive hand up to cease their fire.

“ Everyone move! “ Shard whispers as Kano comes closer, “ We must leave! “ All the Wyverns didn’t listen, rage clouded their eyes as they watched Kano come closer. Kano lowers his hand.

Hope you enjoyed!! Sorry this one is late but the app did a glitch(at least for me) so that I can’t see the original E2 I wrote, so I did another. Anyways thx for the ^ votes! Let’s go for another 5 yea? Until next time!

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