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Embrace the Elements S2 E3(Splashes POV)

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Embrace the Elements S2 E3(Splashes POV)

She falls to the ground... she falls... to the ground...

“ NO!” Splash shrieks in rage. Red clouds her vision, anger boils in her veins, she starts getting her steam water bubbling. Splash strikes out at one, tears right through his ascendant flak armor to the tart flesh below. One fires a sniper at her, she wipes around only to get a rocket to the face, she struggles and heaves in the mass.

“ SPLASH! “ Malice cries out seeing her covered in blood, “ SPLASH AS YOUR STANDING COMMANDER I ORDER YOU TO LEAVE! “

Splash looks up from squelching a particularly annoying human in ghille. The red clears from her vision as she feels talons sink through her scales and drag her away.

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