Embrace the Elements S2 Twisted Tides E1(Splashes POV)

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Embrace the Elements S2 Twisted Tides E1(Splashes POV)

I can’t believe Shard wouldn’t let me go with them!! I mean c’mon! I’m perfectly capable of handling myself:(! Now I have to do the boring work, hunting, making new nests, all the work that the younger Wyverns should be doing. Hmm, maybe that Ovis will do.. mmm no I’ll just take them both back.

Alright almost back, just a little further- Splash passes a grassy hillock and dives down a narrow crack- ahh home sweet home-caverns open up in all directions, springs bubble on the floor, soft lacy grass springs up in between, silky buttery flowers of all colors are adorned and strung together throughout the whole cavern, perches/dens were dug up and down the walls crowded with more flowers and atop each one there was a luxurious quiet cascade of water pouring down gently into a pool. Radiant glowing mushrooms were stuffed in little nooks, in the springs they were fastened to the bottom by weavings- Alright just gotta.... * a peice if rock falls to the ground somewhere down the left cavern *

“ What was that?!” A Wyvern calls out from Splashes left.

“ Everyone stay calm!” Cries out a Alpha Wyvern.

* There’s a sharp crack, a Wyvern peaking out from its den falls to the ground *

“ EVERYONE OUT NOW, “ Commands Splashes leader, “ MALICE BUY US TIME THEN GET YOURSELF OU-“ She collapses to the ground...

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