Embrace the Element S1 E5 (Shards POV)

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Embrace the Element S1 E5 (Shards POV)

As she ran on she heard Splash and Ivy right behind her. Though she strained her ears she did not hear Talon. He must hv gone a different way she thought. As she broke through the line of trees she heard a tremendous growl. Shaking her to the core. When she turned around she saw a fire ball launched high into the air,” Talon..” she whipped around to face Ivy and Splash,” Cmon Talon is in trouble!”

β€œ But we can’t Shard,” Splash protested meekly,” We were deposed to report back to our leaders.”

β€œ But we can’t leave him!” Shard cried.

β€œ But we musssst.” Ivy announced,” We can asssk for backup to sssssave him.” With a sigh Shard nodded and flew home.

As quick as she was she was afraid they wouldn’t make it in time. Behind her trailed Ice, Poison, and Fire Wyverns. Splash had not been able to convince her leader, for they had suffered wounds from a alpha carno. She drew in a deep breath, she could nearly taste Talons scent.

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