Embrace the Elements S1 E4

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Embrace the Elements S1 E4

A loud firing of a cannon sounded above them.

“ The Alpha Tribe...” Talon listened in fear as another cannon sounded,” They have found us.”

“What in blazes was that?!” Ivy hissed.

“RUN FOR IT!” Shard howled as she trampled away. The other followed her path out of the clearing. Talon stood frozen to the spot. Cold terror gripped him as he heard voices from a corpse of berry bushes. Talon began to inflate his flame sacks. As he felt them boil up with heat the voices stopped. Talon spat his fire onto the bushes and survivors came streaming out armed with bola chains and turrets, narcotics and tranq darts. Talon felt himself being tussled to the ground. He threw one aside and another. Burned one bit another. There’s too many. Talon blew up a fiery breath of flame as high as he could muster, for he knew that within minutes he would be fast asleep.

Hope you enjoyed!! Sorry I haven’t posted one in a while!

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