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The Volcanic eye Chapter one (16 years later)

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The Volcanic eye Chapter one (16 years later)

Magma waded through the lava river at the bottom of the trench her mood matching the lava. Hot. Boiling. Angry. That was her mood most of the time though. She guessed her fiery scales matched her fiery insides. She heard laughing and whooping above her and she craned her head up to see who it was. Bullet, her brother, and his best friend, Inferno, were raving to the prey pile at the end of the ravine. She launched into the air beads of lava cascading off her scales. She flew to the top of the valley and arched her wings. She hung there suspended in the for a few precious moments. Than she clapped her wings together shooting herself fowards. She shot a net of fire under her wing to make her trajectory even faster. Seconds before Bullet and Inferno landed on the ledge she lighted on top of the prey pile and grabbed the juiciest looking phiomia. β€œHow come no matter how many times I race, even without YOU, YOU still win?” Bullet said...

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