The Volcanic Eye Chapter one

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The Volcanic Eye Chapter one

16 years ago. POV (Ash female Fire Wyvern)

Ash and Her mate, Cinder sat calmly inside there nest, well snoring loud enough to wake even a Rock elemental in Cinders case. Her tail was wrapped carefully and snuggly around their egg. This was the night, Ash could feel it. She uncurled her tail from around the egg and whapped her tail across Cinders face. He woke with a snort, And started to make the tell tale hiss of the fire sacs inflating. She closed her talons around his mouth and whispered in his ear โ€œStop. Or youโ€™ll burn down the nest and wake everyone up!โ€ โ€œMmmph phammph nephew umphโ€ He Said behind her talons. She quickly let go and he growled, โ€œWhy did you wake me up?โ€ โ€œBecause the moon is at its highest and tonightโ€™s the night!โ€ โ€œ Havenโ€™t you been saying that every night this past moon cycle?โ€ She punched his shoulder affectionately and was about to make sarcastic remark when a snapping sound filled the air. They both wihrled towards the egg.

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